Sunday, October 26, 2008

Six Months - October 2008

Two weeks ago, we went to lunch with Peadat and Julio Broket originally from Columbia. We are trying to commit them to baptism, but they seem to enjoy our company more than wanting to get baptised. We will keep trying. They are very nice, but we surely have to listen carefully to understand them. Very strong Spanish accents.

Dinner with the missionaries assigned to our ward at our apartment. Notice the cute Holloween table cloth from my friend, Claudia.

A picture before the missionaries arrived.

This is Sister Eslyn Fredrick and the Elders who taught her. Elder Dalling was the one responsible for finding her for them to teach and he baptised her. For further details, go to our e-mail. The Elders are Elders May and Cronin. Elder May, on the right, went home two days later. What a great way to end a mission!

Elder Hatfield from Idaho. He comes home the same month we do! Great missionary! He helped teach the other Sister, Sister Hayes, that Elder Dalling baptised. Even though he did not find her, the Elders said he was already wet and so he was able to baptise two sisters.

Elder Dalling and Sister Fredrick before the baptism.

Elder May, Elder Cronin, Elder Dalling, Sister Fredrick, Sister Dalling, Brother and Sister Bean. They are the senior missionaries in the ward that Sister Fredrick is in.

Elder and Sister Dalling and Sister Fredrick at the "Finishers Fireside." That is a fireside for the departing missionaries who left the next day. The members and non-members they taught are invited to attend. The missionaries bare testimony and the President and Sister Hale speak.

The "Sisters Lucheon" was at the Hale's home and hosted by Sister Hale. It included all the senior sister missionaries and the young sisters. We had lunch, did a service project, and had a program with Prsident and Sister Hale speaking. Lots of fun and inspiration.

This picture is for Elder and Sister Lorenzo Griffeth, who are on a mission at Temple Square. Sister Neire, on the right, is from the Phillipines and on a two month transfer from Temple Square. She speaks beautiful English.

Sister Kynaston, Sister Dalling, Sister Call and Sister Smith. Sister Bean got sick and had to go home earlier. We are all almost exactly the same age.
Sister Hale taking pictures of the Sisters. The background is pictures of the missionaries in order of their departure date. We are on the second row from the bottom, right hand side. Moving up with six months behind us.
This is the service project we did. Popcorn to give to someone special we are working with or a gift to the Bishop of our ward. We each took three home!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Zone Conference and Grandchildren's Fridge Art

This is Zone Conference two weeks ago. It is one of four Zones. At Christmastime we are gong to have one Zone Conference Christmas dinner and program. That means there will be about 175 Elders and Sisters in attendance and with Stake and Mission leaders, about 200. It will be great to have everyone together. I am helping Sister Hale with planning the dinner. It feels like I am planning a ward banquet again.

Here is my latest Grandchildren's art work. Emma and Wyatt (Mark and Noelle's children) you do great coloring! Thank you for sending me the pictures. I love to get things from my Grandchildren! Love you all!

Love all the pictures!