Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Elder Gonzalez (Presidency of the Seventy) visited the Ft. Lauderdale Ward today as it was their Ward Conference and Elder Dalling and I were there. He had come to the mission after we first arrived but we had forgotten to ask for a picture. President Hale told us that he would be taking him to the airport after the meeting but if we were in the parking lot he would reintroduce us and we could take a picture with him. I had prayed for such an opportunity as I had felt bad when I forgot the first time. After we took the picture he said, "So you are the reason that I was here today." President Hale later told us that he was told he did not have to come today because the reason of his visit had been canceled (a special Church project) but he decided to come and talk at this Ward Conference and I got my picture - Tender Mercies!

We also got a picture with Elder Gay who is an Area Authority Seventy and over our area and our Mission. They were both very nice to us!

The beautiful flowers that my husband gave me for Valentines Day! Twelve long stemmed red roses and they are so beautiful. They will no doubt last until we leave for Idaho - which is now only 10 days away! It is a cool 60 degrees here today and we are bringing that temperature with us - so everyone get ready for an early spring! The Flamingo is a gift from some friends! Do you think it will get along with the Seagulls?

Last night the Senior Couples had a going away party for us. It was a Valentine theme and we had a lot of fun! We will truly miss all these get togethers! Oh we will miss our Mission!