Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a cute table cloth! Thank you Claudia. We love the table cloths Claudia sends us and it is fun to share them with our dinner guests! One for each season and month!

Sister Dalling taking a break at the office!

Elder Dalling and the office Elders working hard on getting 10 cars ready for a semi to pick them up. They sold them in Salt Lake. We should be getting 6 new Toyotas and a Caravan soon. One of these times I will get Elder Dalling to smile on camera!

We are all gald that the Hurricane did not do more damage in our area. We had winds of between 40 and 50 MPH and lots of rain, but not much damage. I have seen a lot worse storms in Idaho in the winter. The Keys got a lot of damage and up in northern Florida, the Orlanda Mission had lots of flodding. The missionaries went to shelters and helped. The Red Cross always loves to see our missionaries coming to help even if the storm didn't turn out as bad as predicted. It seems like there is always a hurricane in the Atlantic and we are watching one again. If you want to keep watching with us, go to the National Hurricane Center and there is a lot of information about all the incoming storms. It always looks like they are coming right for Florida, but then vere off to the Gulf or Atlantic.

We are enjoying the work and are working with another couple who we so hope will want to eventually be baptised. Everyone seems so happy to know about the gospel until they start talking to their families. Then they really have to decided if the chruch is true! Love you all, Elder and Sister Dalling

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kamri's Picture

We sure like hearing from our Grandkids, Thank you Kamri!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Outside our apartment in the parking lot today, August 3,08

We both have bad colds so we look a little less than excited. We went to church because we had hopes of an investigator coming, but didn't happen. I guess we will try what Jory said to, "Call and offer to pick them up!

Sister Hale at the "Finishers Fireside" dinner at her home. How would you like to cook for 30 once a month and many times in between? She says she is used to entertaining and enjoys it, but I think this is a little overwhelming. She is 43.

President Hale taking pictures around the room! He is 47! The TV is brand new!

The group going home practicing a song for the fireside. They sang "Well Bring the World His Truth" in English and Spanish! It was beautiful!

This is a little lizard we are seeing much more of lately. Must be an August thing. It is like a Gecko, but does not lay as flat. They are basking on the sidewalks and run away as you walk by. They are suppose to eat bugs, but we have two living on our patio and they don't seems to be that hungry! Love 'um!