Sunday, August 3, 2008

Outside our apartment in the parking lot today, August 3,08

We both have bad colds so we look a little less than excited. We went to church because we had hopes of an investigator coming, but didn't happen. I guess we will try what Jory said to, "Call and offer to pick them up!

Sister Hale at the "Finishers Fireside" dinner at her home. How would you like to cook for 30 once a month and many times in between? She says she is used to entertaining and enjoys it, but I think this is a little overwhelming. She is 43.

President Hale taking pictures around the room! He is 47! The TV is brand new!

The group going home practicing a song for the fireside. They sang "Well Bring the World His Truth" in English and Spanish! It was beautiful!

This is a little lizard we are seeing much more of lately. Must be an August thing. It is like a Gecko, but does not lay as flat. They are basking on the sidewalks and run away as you walk by. They are suppose to eat bugs, but we have two living on our patio and they don't seems to be that hungry! Love 'um!

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