Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 20, 2008 - More Mission Pictures

This is a bronze at the MTC. We have never put it on yet and we thought it was cool! Whenever we talk to non-members, they say, "Oh Yea! You're the ones on the bicycles!"

Elder Dalling on the computer and the phone in our apartment. That is called multi-tasking.

Our apartment fridge covered with grandchildren's art and poster!

Sister Dalling in the kitchen!

The front of our office building in Ft. Lauderdale. Our office is on the first floor!
Elder Dalling in front of our office!
Sister Dalling at her desk working hard -- very hard!

Elder Dalling setting up a new fax machine!

Elder Walden (AP) sitting at the President's desk just days before his departure!

Sister Smith is one of 3 including myself who work in the office.

The AP's in their office just before transfers. Elder Walden, Elder Canfield and Elder Perry who will replace Elder Walden when he leaves in a few days.

Elders Machado and Elder Stanger visiting the office before transfers!

The AP's and Office Elders for Sunday dinner. We usually have them once a transfer and the 2 sets of Elders in the ward once -- somtimes twice. It is nice to have them and feel the spirit they bring with them!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Florida Sunset from our Apartment

Freeway to Miami, actually it is a Florida Turnpike freeway with toll payments in & out.

Down town Miami from the free way.

Dad concentrating on out manuvering the Florida drivers. It is a jungle out there.

A slow down caused by the hiway department doing a Sat construction job and cutting the freeway from five lanes to two.

Hope we don't experience a hurricane.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Trip to Florida Keys

Last Saturday we traveled down Highway 1 and toured the Florida Keys. This is in Key West -- the very most southern point of the Keys and also the US.
This was on a dock at the apartment where one of the couples we went with used to live. We went with 2 other couples and it was the first time we have seen the ocean since we arrived in Florida. It is only about 15 minutes from our apartment, but we have had no time.

This is one on the pictures of the Keys. The Gulf of Mexico is on one side and the Atlantic is on the other. Thy Gulf side is very warm. It was like cool bath water. We went to a barbecue of some ward members on the beach are I stuck my feet in. The bird is one that the orientals use to catch fish. They send them out with a leach of sorts with something around their neck so they can't swollow the fix and when they come back they take the fish out and give them the head. Something like that!

This is the highway marker O for Highway 1 down the eastern coast.

Another beautiful picture of some homes on the water front. Almost all of the homes are on the water because it is such a small stretch of land. However, the poorer homes are inland a bit. This is also where the Cuban refugees come in at when they try to get to the US. If they reach land, they are safe. If they are caught in the water, they have to go back. It is not like crossing the boarder in Mexico.

This is for Jarod. The Keys is where the Pirates of the Caribbean came through in the early 1800. It was very interesting to read about them. They were not as nice as Jack Sparow, however.

This is a coast guard she that used to patrol the Keys.

The Keys are known for their sponges. This is me with the sponge monster!

This is the very most southern part of the US and 90 miles from Cuba.

This is at the apartment of the couple we went with when they used to be in the mission down here. This was their private back yard. It is beautiful. The man they rent from was really nice. He lives there too with one other apartment.

Another picture from the road of the Atlantic.

Whoops - two of these! Elder Dalling when to bed and I don't know how to erase it.

Elder Dalling and myself in Key West!

Chickens run wild all over Key West. They have been protected for many years... long story. I'm sure a few of them get eaten once in a while.

Elder Dalling checking out the car of the Elders that live in Key West. It's his job, but we don't get down their very often to do it.

We had a fun day in the Keys. We ate at the fishing docks, fresh fish, took a bus tour of old town Key West and learned a lot about this history. The work is getting easier but we both still fell behind and slow. We work long hours, but are beginning to not feel as tired. It is getting hot. It is not too bad, however, because most of the time we are in AC offices. Elder Dalling does a lot in the heat at Zone Conference, checking the cars -- that is hard on him, however it seems to enjoy meeting with the elder. He has two office Elders that help him. We have a tropical storm off the coast a ways and since we are in hurricane season now, the president keeps us updated on when and if it will hit the coast. We have three months of this and have had lots of training on what to do. We are all cautioned to get a weeks supply of water and food that we don't have to cook. We do have a barbecue that we could use. It is a little scary. They have not had a really bad one since hurricane Wilma about 3 or 4 years ago. It is interesting because the government is now telling the people that getting a food storage is a good plan. I don't know if it is all over but it is here what they are saying! I called SLC the day President Bush came to SL. They closed almost all the church office building and told the people not to come into the office until 10:30 unless they had too. Tight Security!

Well, like one of the missionaries said in his testimony...."The book is blue and the book is true"

Love you all,

Elder and Sister Dalling