Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 20, 2008 - More Mission Pictures

This is a bronze at the MTC. We have never put it on yet and we thought it was cool! Whenever we talk to non-members, they say, "Oh Yea! You're the ones on the bicycles!"

Elder Dalling on the computer and the phone in our apartment. That is called multi-tasking.

Our apartment fridge covered with grandchildren's art and poster!

Sister Dalling in the kitchen!

The front of our office building in Ft. Lauderdale. Our office is on the first floor!
Elder Dalling in front of our office!
Sister Dalling at her desk working hard -- very hard!

Elder Dalling setting up a new fax machine!

Elder Walden (AP) sitting at the President's desk just days before his departure!

Sister Smith is one of 3 including myself who work in the office.

The AP's in their office just before transfers. Elder Walden, Elder Canfield and Elder Perry who will replace Elder Walden when he leaves in a few days.

Elders Machado and Elder Stanger visiting the office before transfers!

The AP's and Office Elders for Sunday dinner. We usually have them once a transfer and the 2 sets of Elders in the ward once -- somtimes twice. It is nice to have them and feel the spirit they bring with them!

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