Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Elder Gonzalez (Presidency of the Seventy) visited the Ft. Lauderdale Ward today as it was their Ward Conference and Elder Dalling and I were there. He had come to the mission after we first arrived but we had forgotten to ask for a picture. President Hale told us that he would be taking him to the airport after the meeting but if we were in the parking lot he would reintroduce us and we could take a picture with him. I had prayed for such an opportunity as I had felt bad when I forgot the first time. After we took the picture he said, "So you are the reason that I was here today." President Hale later told us that he was told he did not have to come today because the reason of his visit had been canceled (a special Church project) but he decided to come and talk at this Ward Conference and I got my picture - Tender Mercies!

We also got a picture with Elder Gay who is an Area Authority Seventy and over our area and our Mission. They were both very nice to us!

The beautiful flowers that my husband gave me for Valentines Day! Twelve long stemmed red roses and they are so beautiful. They will no doubt last until we leave for Idaho - which is now only 10 days away! It is a cool 60 degrees here today and we are bringing that temperature with us - so everyone get ready for an early spring! The Flamingo is a gift from some friends! Do you think it will get along with the Seagulls?

Last night the Senior Couples had a going away party for us. It was a Valentine theme and we had a lot of fun! We will truly miss all these get togethers! Oh we will miss our Mission!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Month in the Floridal Ft. Lauderdale Mission

President and Sister Hale and Elder and Sister Dalling on the night of our "Finisher Testimony Meeting." It hardly seems possible that nearly 2 years has passed, but passed it has. What a wonderful opportunity to serve we have had. We have been blessed and taught by a kind Heavenly Father who has directed and guided us on this journey in Florida!

These are the Missionaries that we had our "Finishers" dinner and testimony meeting with. The next set of Missionaries will be leaving in March and we will be leaving the end of February!

We were blessed to be able to take these young Missionaries to the Orlando Temple this last week. We had a great day!

The Orlando Temple is truly beautiful with all the Palm trees and flowers surrounding it!

Leaving from the Temple and anticipating Sister Hale's delicious dinner awaiting us!

Two weeks ago we had a fun lunch at a Argentinian Restaurant with the Hale's and all the Senior Couples! President Hale said it was our Happy New Year Luncheon!

Also, last week we took one more look at the Everglades and went out on an air boat!

This brave young man wrestles Alligators and gave us a great show after the air boat ride!

This is a very rare bird in the Everglades. They mate for life and the captain of our boat has made friends with the male and female. The female was the more friendly and almost came aboard our boat, but then got skittish and moved away. They come up to the boat when he goes out as he feeds them often!

Looking back at the Everglades - quite beautiful! We didn't see too many Alligators or Crocodiles (I get them confused) because it was too warm and they seem to like to be in the water more when the weather is warm - a nice 82 degrees!

Pulling into dock!

And last of all - it is that time of year again to see these little duckies following their mother so exactly in line and following her every command. This is by our apartment and we love watching them!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 2010

Elder and Sister Dalling in the office during the Christmas holidays! It was decorated with lots of holiday spirit!
December 21 and all of the Senior Couples on the "Carry B" in Ft. Lauderdale. We took a freezing two hour cruise and saw all the beautiful homes all decorated for Christmas! It was beautiful and we didn't even mind the cold - about 55 degrees. We had so much fun!

One of the beautiful homes we saw. This was only a portion of the house. There were several different scenes. Most of the homes had their Palm trees decorated in white lights. It was just so pretty!

This is another one of the cruise boats that passed by us! The boats were all decorated (ours included) and fun Christmas music playing! We even danced a little!

Elder and Sister Dalling - Elder Dalling finally put his coat on as the evening progressed. He loved the cold. It was the coldest it has ever been since we arrived in Florida.

Sister Dalling with her picture by a long limo when we went to the Rocketts on December 30!

Happy New Year! Elder and Sister Dalling at a Senior Couples party!

We went to the beach one day the first of the year. It was a gorgeous day!

Brad putting a puzzle together during the holidays!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Zone Conference and Family 2009

What more beautiful expression of what Christmas is than a new little baby. This is Jory and Ana's little William Bradley! Is he cute or what!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only does Jory have a cute little baby but beautiful wife too!

Jory, Ana and William in their home!

President and Sister Hale with Sister Dalling with Brother Brad Wilcox who spoke at our Christmas Zone Conference!

Senior Couples at the Christmas Zone Conference!
More Senior couple pictures!

Just before the Missionaries came into the dinner!

With the lights gym lights on!

Elder Dalling, Elder Cronin and Sister Dalling at the "Finishers Fireside." Elder Cronin was a special missionary to Elder Dalling!
Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We love you all!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Party at Elder and Sister Dalling's

Florida Ft. Lauderdale Mission 2009
Merry Christmas! It was a beautiful 77 degrees that day. We will truly miss this weather - at least this time of year!
Elder Dalling waiting at the swimming pool!

Table set and ready for the last Senior party that Elder Dalling and I will have in our apartment. Claudia made us a beautiful table cloth and the table looked lovely!

Elder Dalling and Elder Hogge!
All around the table after dinner with the water jug included. We buy our drinking water and forgot and left it on the table - Oh well!

Just before we sat down to eat!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

December in Florida 2009

Well, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! We went to the beach one day and took some fun pictures, but many of them were too bright with the sun coming off the ocean. It was 85 degrees and rather warm, but we had a fun time!
These are some pictures of a house by our church. It is a corner lot and dispels any rumors that they do not decorate in Florida! You don't seem many, but this one was truly a masterpiece!


Two Missionaries on Preparation Day!

President and Sister Hale with Brother and Sister Shawn Bradley. Sister Bradley was a Missionary in Ft. Lauderdale a few years back and she talked to the Sisters at Sister's Conference in November and then they both talked at a special 4 Stake Fireside. If you didn't know, Shawn is 7'6" tall and his wife is about my height. He played for Dallas and Philadelphia. He was also in the movie "Singles Ward" and "Space Jam." He is retired now and they have 5 children.

Elder and Sister Black went with us to the ocean and we stopped at Jaxson's Ice Cream! It is a famous ice cream store on the beach. Sister Black went to Olympus High School when I did a few years ago!

Elder Dalling talking to some people about the Church at our Thanksgiving Dinner at the Broquetts. They are investigators and from Columbia. There were 15 people there and they all speak Spanish expect us and a Jewish lady so everyone spoke mostly English for us. Elder Dalling answered all kinds of questions about the Church. We had decided not to bring it up unless they ask and they did!

Two Spanish Amigos at Thanksgiving Dinner!

Our Host, Julio, and Elder Dalling!
These are pictures at our Church. It is right on the ocean inlet in Miami Beach. The Church just paid a lot of money to have this new retaining wall and fence put on the water front. It looks really nice.

Elder Dalling in front of the Church. It is built of Coral.

This was taken from another direction from the front of the Church.

This one is right along side the Church.
Once last picture. It takes us about an hour to get there and we cross 7 bridges. Two of the bridges are draw bridges. It is really very beautiful. We go through a very poor area, Little Hattie, and then a very wealthy area by South Beach. The ocean is about 2 or 3 blocks away.