Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 2010

Elder and Sister Dalling in the office during the Christmas holidays! It was decorated with lots of holiday spirit!
December 21 and all of the Senior Couples on the "Carry B" in Ft. Lauderdale. We took a freezing two hour cruise and saw all the beautiful homes all decorated for Christmas! It was beautiful and we didn't even mind the cold - about 55 degrees. We had so much fun!

One of the beautiful homes we saw. This was only a portion of the house. There were several different scenes. Most of the homes had their Palm trees decorated in white lights. It was just so pretty!

This is another one of the cruise boats that passed by us! The boats were all decorated (ours included) and fun Christmas music playing! We even danced a little!

Elder and Sister Dalling - Elder Dalling finally put his coat on as the evening progressed. He loved the cold. It was the coldest it has ever been since we arrived in Florida.

Sister Dalling with her picture by a long limo when we went to the Rocketts on December 30!

Happy New Year! Elder and Sister Dalling at a Senior Couples party!

We went to the beach one day the first of the year. It was a gorgeous day!

Brad putting a puzzle together during the holidays!

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