Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Month in the Floridal Ft. Lauderdale Mission

President and Sister Hale and Elder and Sister Dalling on the night of our "Finisher Testimony Meeting." It hardly seems possible that nearly 2 years has passed, but passed it has. What a wonderful opportunity to serve we have had. We have been blessed and taught by a kind Heavenly Father who has directed and guided us on this journey in Florida!

These are the Missionaries that we had our "Finishers" dinner and testimony meeting with. The next set of Missionaries will be leaving in March and we will be leaving the end of February!

We were blessed to be able to take these young Missionaries to the Orlando Temple this last week. We had a great day!

The Orlando Temple is truly beautiful with all the Palm trees and flowers surrounding it!

Leaving from the Temple and anticipating Sister Hale's delicious dinner awaiting us!

Two weeks ago we had a fun lunch at a Argentinian Restaurant with the Hale's and all the Senior Couples! President Hale said it was our Happy New Year Luncheon!

Also, last week we took one more look at the Everglades and went out on an air boat!

This brave young man wrestles Alligators and gave us a great show after the air boat ride!

This is a very rare bird in the Everglades. They mate for life and the captain of our boat has made friends with the male and female. The female was the more friendly and almost came aboard our boat, but then got skittish and moved away. They come up to the boat when he goes out as he feeds them often!

Looking back at the Everglades - quite beautiful! We didn't see too many Alligators or Crocodiles (I get them confused) because it was too warm and they seem to like to be in the water more when the weather is warm - a nice 82 degrees!

Pulling into dock!

And last of all - it is that time of year again to see these little duckies following their mother so exactly in line and following her every command. This is by our apartment and we love watching them!

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