Sunday, May 18, 2008

Aparement and Views of Complex

View of our apartment and all the beautiful scenery around!

This is the entrance to our apartment complex!

Driving in!

One of the two pools! I get in the pool every Saturday because there is no one that knows me or cares what I look like in a bathing suit!

One of the many Hibiscus outside our apartment. They are in orange, red, yellow, white and pink. They are so beautiful. I used to have these as a house plant back home.

This is a picture of Elder Dalling working out at the gym! We try to go 3 times a week!

Looking off the patio!

Our bedroom!

Our living room!

Another view of the livingroom and front door!

I hope this was not too many pictures! We are doing better at our jobs. We are learning more every day. Yesterday, we had our President and his wife over for dinner. They are living in a hotel while their house is being remodeled. We had an enjoyable evening. The night before that we went with the Elders to see a Sister who was recently baptised. She is about 10 years older that us, but so cute. She has so much faith and gives us strength just talking to her. She had a piano and I played while the Elders sang. She said it gave her joy for me to use her piano that had not been played for a long time. I can't believe the power and spirit that the Elders have when they teach. It is quite amazing and I want to write to all of their mothers and tell them how great they are.

I miss you all and especially when I see all the picture you are sending of back home and my cute little grandchildren (and the big ones too). I will write more later on an e-mail as we are getting ready for church. We are having the missionaries over for dinner and then going to hear the President speak at a fireside. I would like to see some pictures of Rhet's family and Jory and Ana (coming up on 4 months married) and Shay and Heather and Tiff. Eric's bee pictures were awesome. I can't believe that the kids were not scared to stand by them. Daniele and Noelle's pictures were so cute. Little Gracie looks like Marisa or Amanda. Madie's dress is cute and Kaylie got her ears pierced? Wow! I see Madie still has her brown jacket. (Could someone buy her another one so she can change off?) Brinley looks like she is modeling an outfit! --so cute! Wyatt and Emma are fun to see what they are wearing! And love the house pictures! We pray for you all. Happy Anniversary Daniele and Greg and Shay and Heather!

Love you all,

Mom and Dad

I never tire of seeing these little guys right outside our patio door. They seem to disapear, however, and some say the turtle get them when they are young, but these have survived! Seven little babies! -- All grown up now!

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