Sunday, November 2, 2008

Butterfly World and 7 months in the Mission Field

Here we all are at Butterfly World. It is suppose to be one of the biggest attractions in Florida. It was really beautiful and relaxing. They played music through the entire part that made it ever better. Millions of different butterflies and bird and bugs and flowers. It is a couple acres and very interesting. When you first walk in you are surrounded by all these butterflies. I can't believe I didn't even get one pictures that turned out of a butterfly.

This is in the garden with the birds and the butterflies.

There were so many different flowers, especially orchids.

These are butterflies sitting on cut bananas. They look like they have eyes.

This flower is call Susan's Joy!

Another flower! The pictures don't do them justice!

Wow! These were so pretty!
I can even imagine that these grow somewhere!

Sister Dalling by a waterfall!

Elder Kynaston and Elder Dalling actually enjoyed all this!

A parrot!

A little bird that looks lost or hurt, but the colors were beautiful!

We saw all these butterflies in the garden. They actually landed on some of us!

Sister Dalling and an orchid!
Elder and Sister Dalling in the garden!

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