Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day in Florida

Thanks to my children for the beautiful bouquet of flowers and the corsage. It was fun to wear it to church today! I was really surprise as no other mothers had one on! Thank you for thinking of me. I love the flowers!

Another shot of the flowers and Sister Dalling

Elder Dalling on Mother's Day!

One more picture of the Daisies! I love them!

Elder and Sister Dalling in front of the President's House - getting dark outside!

Farewell party for Elder and Sister Bean at (where else?) Bahama Breeze!

Sister Bean in the front! Flat Stanley slurping on the straw. The Calls grandchildren sent them Flat Stanley to take pictures of wherever they went while on their mission. Then they send him back to them and they learn all about where he has been through a letter that travels with him. Flat Stanley is the loveable character featured in books by Jeff Smith. Although Stanley was flattened when a bulletin board fell on him, he made the best of his circumstances. Now flat, Stanley can easily travel the world in envelopes and visit any place he wants.

I saw Flat Stanley on American Idol just the other night!

Elder Dalling and Elder Kynaston after dinner at Bahama Breeze (a different dinner) with all the senior couples and the Hales. They are holding Sister Hale's Mother's Day gift for us all -- Banana Bread!

All the Senior Sisters and Sister Hale -- We took this picture after the dinner in front of the Bahama Breeze! It sure seems like we go there a lot, but they have a nice Gazebo that we usually sit in and it is quiet and beautiful!

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