Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 2009

Happy Halloween and Happy November! This is my kitchen window by the sink! I love to decorate and am going to have a hard time leaving the decorations behind - maybe I won't!?!

We went to the ocean last Monday to take some pictures for Christmas cards! It was a beautiful but, as usual, hot day! We had a great time!

Here is some Fridge Art from Emma and Teagen! Great work! Also, a picture of handsome Kyler by the Rexburg Temple!

More Fridge Art by Jarod and Eric! What talented children and grandchildren we have! We love getting the art and the letters from our family!
Speaking of Halloween - a spider we saw as we walked along the path to the beach. These spiders were all over and they say were poisonous but not aggressive! That made me feel better as I walked by them and under them!
We had a Halloween Party with the Senior Missionaries. As you can see, we were one of the only ones not dressed up. Elder Dalling said we went as Senior Missionaries! We had a lot of fun as shown below with the other couples!
Elder and Sister Holdstock!

Elder and Sister Welch!

Elder and Sister Black !
Elder and Sister Hogge!

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