Saturday, April 19, 2008

Well here are a few pictures of our house and the landscape we left back home in Idaho. Pretty much the way it was when we left.
The freeways got pretty boring and sometimes down right crowded. So we decided on an alternate mode of travel. This provided by our Omish friends down in Jamestown Missouri.
Tom and Carol Clifton put us up for the night in Independance. They took us on a tour of Liberty jail. This is a replica of it, where Joseph and others spent several very wintery months falsely accoused, and eating filthy food. The brother in the forefront was over 6' and couldn't stand up straight in the jail. The person represented just behind is Hyrum Smith. It is stated, that Joseph became well acquainted with the lord in his extremities during this time.
We decided to take rest and stopped to visit some of my long lost relatives here in Florida. Well once again this is actually a picture from our visit to the Busche Gardens just before coming here to Florida for a more prolonged stay.

Ran out of picture space for this post so I will do another one showing where we are now. It is really hard to take here in Ft. Lauderdale and such a "Sacrifice"!


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mama said...

You two are having too much fun I think -- but actually I know you are working hard --- but wow how tempting are the beaches etc.